How to Write Good Political Science Papers

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There are a lot of political science topics that a student can be required to write about. Therefore, the initial step to writing a good political science paper is by analyzing and understanding the topic. This section involves the identification of all the questions that the topic requires the writer to answer because they play a substantial role in planning the essay.


The introductory paragraph gives a brief description of the topic and reason as to why a person should read the paper. The final sentence of this paragraph is the thesis statement.  It is a statement of the ideas that will be discussed in the paper. It should be clear and precise to make it easy for the reader to deduce what the paper is about. According to, it is important to ensure that the thesis statement does not include claims that will not be discussed in the body paragraphs. Given the fact that it is the basis of the whole paper, then it should be arguable with supporting evidence.


This section should be divided into several paragraphs with each of them representing a specific idea. Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence which is a statement of the main claim that will be discussed. This is followed by an explanation, examples and a conclusion to ensure that the idea has been passed across effectively. In addition, the ideas should be flowing in a logical order. It is important, to begin with the strongest points and finish the paper with the weak ideas. Also, ensure that the evidence provided to support the ideas is backed up by its sources. The sources can be case studies, books, magazines and journals among others. The sources are cited according to the writing style that is stated in the rubric.


This is the final section of the paper whereby the writer restates the thesis statement and gives a summary of the various ideas that they have discussed in the body paragraphs. As well, this is the section whereby the student can give their opinions and feelings regarding the topic. They can also suggest a particular course of action in the case whereby the topic required them to solve a particular problem. Also, you can also give an outline of the major objections that you need to defend your thesis using. This helps in the reduction of the criticism that can be given on the paper.

Writing and Style

Once you have completed writing your political science paper, it is important to read it out loudly to identify grammar and spelling mistakes. As well, this helps in the identification of incomplete ideas and areas that require the elimination of certain information for them to make sense. Ensure that it is in accordance with the rubric in regard to the formatting and the type of writing style that is supposed to be used. In addition, ensure that your ideas are in a logical order, clear and precise. A reader of the paper should not have difficulties in reading the various ideas. This means that they should be self-explanatory. Concisely, ensure that the ideas are within the topic of discussion because the field of political science is wide and interrelated. Hence, the paper ought to focus on a specific issue as much as possible.

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